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  • Catherine Arevalo

The Silent Killers

A number of researches and health-based experimentation have revealed a wide range of silent killers of the health. Whether it is a man or woman, kid or older, the fears affect everyone equally but the noteworthy here is, many people do not bother to take care of their bodies and health, both physically and mentally. Today, we are surrounded by overwhelming and stress saturated duties so keeping our work and health care routines in order with the passage of time is highly important.

For all of us, Health is always a first priority and surely a responsibility. However, there is no need to compromise on health care when there are simple things that you can do to make yourself healthier and help prevent important number of diseases.

Lifestyle is a way on prefers to live and spend time. It includes day-to-day behaviors and functions of job and activities. By the researchers, life style is an important aspect on which your health relies upon. Millions of people follow unhealthy life style leading to fatal and sometimes incurable diseases. According to World Health Organization, 60% of the people encounter a correlated health and quality of life. Metabolic diseases, joint and skeletal problems, Cardio-vascular diseases, Diabetes, Hypertension are caused by unhealthy lifestyle.

What are Silent Killers?

You might be searching for the diseases are given titles as “Silent Killers”. We must say, all those diseases take birth and damage the body in the slow motion and over time, they go fatal and untreatable if not caught on time. A few of them are:

· Stress

· Blood Pressure

· Heart Attack

· Stroke

· Osteoporosis

· Lyme Disease

· Fatty acid Diseases

· Diabetes

The list is unfortunately long but the reason behind all is “Attention” that your body begs for! Today, pivotal changes have occurred in life of all people compelling them to accommodate an unhealthy lifestyle. Malnutrition, smoking, alcohol consuming, stress and so on, are also the exhibition of unhealthy life style. For instance, emerging new technologies, which are equally important at work unfortunately, lead our bodies to a major challenge that threatens the physical and mental health of individuals. The challenge is the overuse and misuse.

It is extremely unfortunate to see so much unnecessary suffering and disease. However, there are a number of diseases, which have become unstoppable and we all need to worry about the causes and symptoms, before the condition worsens and cause irreversible damage to our body, causing lifetime impairments and disabilities.

Therefore, for a person living with Diabetes or Cardiovascular diseases, it is common to feel stressed, tired and irritated. Without careful management and accumulated diet, it is difficult to prevent sugars from building up or without preventing the cholesterol levels in blood, it is a deceit to decline the forthcoming heart attacks or Angina attacks. Another form silent killer that more than half of the population of the world suffers is Hypertension posing other alarming threats such as High blood pressure, alongside being a highly disturbing state of mind and the body. Hypertension can lead to the higher blood pressure levels rupturing brain blood vessels, causing them to leak. It can also lead to the blood clotting in arteries, potentially causing a stroke. Hence, living a life free of diseases is very important. For instance, Diabetes can be a life changing and traumatic condition for an individual as body halts the production of insulin, which restores energy in cells. This is how the diseases turn out to be the miserable nightmares.

In any such case where you find yourself at the verge of disease rendezvous, follow the disease prevention guidelines and help yourself and people around fight the health crisis.

Silent Killer

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